OTCTrade.com Provides Instant Settlement While Enabling Anonymous Trading

The lack of trust and safe alternatives for over-the-counter (OTC) traders is only one of the myriad of issues in the crypto OTC space. Delayed settlements also make potential crypto investors think twice before seriously considering OTC services over traditional crypto exchanges.

The delayed processing can cost time and money for both the investor and the dealer. Ideally, investors would prefer to access the funds instantly.

The good news is that guaranteed access to funds in a prompt manner is easily achievable thanks to a combination of features. We at OTCTrade.com have developed the next-generation trading ecosystem designed for crypto OTC transactions. Our platform allows institutions and high-net-worth (HNW) investors to access funds almost immediately, whether it’s about digital currency or fiat money.

You might wonder why the fuss about featuring instant settlements — isn’t this a must-have for any OTC marketplace? Well, in the best-case scenario, it should be a priority. Still, peer-to-peer traders often choose to sacrifice their time and comfort to access liquidity and lower fees in a wild market, especially when large transactions aren’t feasible with traditional crypto exchanges.

We don’t agree with this compromise, which is why we designed OTCTrade.com to provide both extra liquidity and instant settlements at the same time.

It’s true that this luxury comes at the expense of total anonymity, but this is not a drawback at all. While we impose strict know-your-customer (KYC) rules, we don’t share data with anyone. In this way, you can enjoy the same level of anonymity while being confident that your counterparts are not involved in money laundering and other illegal activities.

We know that some level of anonymity is welcomed by all OTC traders, but we feel it shouldn’t expose the security of your funds.

Know Your Platform and Your Customer

When it comes to large transactions, brokers and exchanges offer slow and inefficient platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. Those who seek to move significant amounts are forced to negotiate in person or wait for hours or days until an online order is processed.

Traditional crypto exchanges are designed for retail traders, and many of them definitely deliver what they promise. However, if you plan to conduct larger trades, OTCTrade.com is the right place. On top of that, smaller traders are also supported, so retail investors are welcomed as well.

We are totally transparent and happy to share all details about our business and features so that you could become familiar with our platform. Knowing the ins and outs of the platform gives you more confidence during the trading process.

In a similar fashion, we invite our clients to pass through a standard KYC verification procedure so that we could build an environment based on trust and commitment.

Not knowing who you are trading with can cause problems. Moreover, not knowing who is holding your currency in between trades is even more worrying. If you land on our platform, you can rest assured that traders on the opposite side are responsible. Besides this, you benefit from the escrow solution that keeps your funds secure.

To recap, OTCTrade.com offers an end-to-end platform built for larger transactions that need to be settled right away. Our system helps you achieve the following:

  • Mitigate counterparty risk — our comprehensive KYC verification provides analytics to you and your counterparty but never sells your data or compromises your identity.
  • Eliminate human error — trading with us is more efficient thanks to a dedicated and tested online platform. While the peer-to-peer interaction is at the core of our trading ecosystem, many of the important processes are automated and thus are not prone to errors.
  • Off-Platform escrow — you can lock up funds with a trusted third party so you can settle off-chain and off-platform with an escrow service that never needs a second guess.
  • Instant settlement — our infrastructure allows real-time interaction and instant settlement.

The result is a seamless end-to-end solution. While our platform is aimed at more sophisticated traders judging by the average size of transactions, the solution we propose is not necessarily overcomplex in terms of user experience as it comes with an intuitive interface.

If you’re looking for the place and community for the best OTC deals, feel free to book a demo to experience our white-label solution.


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OTC Trade is a white-label solution for exchanges and trading desks. We are on track to position ourself as a vertical leader in the OTC deals industry.

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OTC Trade

OTC Trade

OTC Trade is a white-label solution for exchanges and trading desks. We are on track to position ourself as a vertical leader in the OTC deals industry.

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