6 Features That Help OTCTrade.com Reinvent P2P Crypto Trading

A new frontier in over-the-counter (OTC) trading has arrived — one that protects crypto buyers, sellers and desk providers from fraud, data theft, and prevents price slippage. OTCTrade.com aims to become the indisputable leader in the crypto OTC trading space by providing a one-stop solution that welcomes verified crypto trading desks, broker-dealers, high-net-worth and institutional investors, and other players under the umbrella of a multi-layered trading infrastructure.

Our unique platform provides traders, desks, and family offices with an opportunity to not only enhance their sense of security but get access to liquidity at competitive prices.

As the cryptocurrency market is maturing, more trades are carried out over the counter than on all traditional crypto exchanges combined. Still, the OTC space faces many challenges typical for peer-to-peer (P2P) interactions:

  • Off-platform interactions via channels like Telegram or Skype can’t provide enough trust, discovery, and security.
  • There is a high level of settlement risk. It often detours potential users.
  • There is no transparency when trading through traditional social media networks. Moreover, the negotiation process is often primitive and full of risks.

On the other side, traditional crypto exchanges charge exorbitant fees.

We promise you that OTCTrade.com is a platform unlike any others. Our ready-to-use design ensures that both dealers and traders are guaranteed seamless transactions with instant settlement and low fees.

Our platform aims to bring order to the OTC space by introducing fair rules to benefit everyone taking part in the trading process. In this way, the success of all transactions is guaranteed.

You see, the problem isn’t just who you’re trading with — it’s also about how trading occurs. Who sends the funds first? Who holds the assets in the meantime? OTCTrade.com proposes a model that is easy to follow and is a win-win for all involved parties.

OTCTrade.com’s game-changing technology provides several incredible advances, but here are only a few aspects that we think will help our platform stay competitive:

1. KYC verification

When trading over the counter, doing due diligence is a must, which is why we are conducting know-your-customer (KYC) verification procedures to all dealers. Needless to say, we take personal data very seriously and store it safely by employing multiple security layers.

In May 2020, Chinese police in Guangzhou announced that it had shut down a major crypto scam suspected of carrying out OTC transactions for money laundering. This is only an example of how fraudsters may leverage the lack of transparency that is typical for many OTC marketplaces.

By imposing strict KYC verification rules, we make sure to boost the opportunity for intuitive user discovery. Our platform ensures you know who you are trading with because trust is the most important for us.

2. $5 Million Insurance

The crypto industry has been shaken by massive hacking attacks throughout the years. Centralized exchanges are more prone to such risks, because many of them store crypto holdings in hot wallets. In 2019 alone, hackers have managed to steal crypto funds from 11 exchanges, which is a record.

We at OTCTrade.com provide a more secure trading environment. Nevertheless, our clients get $5 million insurance per account on top of that, which protects them against potential malicious activity or hacking attacks. Besides the standard insurance, you can pick from additional options to ensure a safer trading experience.

3. Custody Wallets

We offer an institutional-grade custody solution to help clients store crypto funds securely.

Our linked wallets act as proof that the trader you picked holds the assets you plan to acquire.

Whether you trade with fiat or crypto, we provide you with transparent data on who you’re trading with and what the traders have to offer.

Our custody solution is made possible thanks to the partnership with Prime Trust, a leading financial institution that offers open infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, fintechs, and other businesses.

4. Instant Settlement

Instutional investors prefer OTCTrade.com because of its instant settlement feature, which is powered by an automation-oriented platform. We know how frustrating it is to deal with delayed processing. Whether it’s about cryptocurrency or fiat money, our clients can access funds immediately after a trade is executed.

5. Lock-in asset prices

Our locked-in pricing feature enables faster trading. Traditionally, large transactions take days to settle, which may lead to undesired price slippage.

OTCTrade.com’s real-time trading solution eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings. Unlike traditional crypto exchanges, our platform doesn’t struggle to fulfill large transactions because our marketplace provides higher liquidity.

6. Off-platform escrow

The high-risk settlement issues of the past are no longer a worry with our off-platform escrow feature. It ensures the funds of all involved parties are secure from start to finish. When the funds are in custody, they are moved into a tenant-controlled escrow account.

It’s also possible to benefit from bespoke solutions like displaying wire instructions or transferring off-platform assets to exchange or cold storage. In most cases, a same-day settlement is available.

Bonus! Reduced Fees

While OTCTrade.com has a clear revenue model, it’s focused on promoting ease of use rather than profits. Instead of charging exorbitant fees, we aim to create trust with the goal to transform the OTC ecosystem. Ultimately, this approach will help us monetize a safer environment in the long run by expanding our market share.

Our model is based on charging a percentage of the fee that trading desks take from their users.

If you’re looking for the place and community for OTC deals, you can book a demo to experience our white-label solution.


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